Wed 10 Jul 2024
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Nata PR School (EN)

Hello PR friend!
Several professions are governed by professional orders and require the following to obtain authorization to practice:

permit, etc.

But think about it: you don't need any of that to become a marketing or public professional.
You don't need a special certification or permit to address journalists or influencers.
Isn’t that amazing?
I started my career as a marketing professional and discovered public relations somewhat out of necessity.
Before launching the NATA PR agency, I worked in various marketing positions for about a decade. Since I didn't always have the budget to hire a public relations professional for my team or retain the services of a public relations agency, I developed my own method.
I got my start in the cultural sector, specifically in opera.
The cultural sector heavily relies on the work of journalists and critics to talk about their creations, performances, exhibitions, etc., whether positively or negatively.
I understood the importance of articles in magazines, newspapers and interviews on TV and radio.
I dared. I took the plunge.
The worst that could happen was that they would say no, thank you, and were not interested,
My first public relations project was OPERA IN THE STREET.
It was the very first free event for the whole family, aimed at attracting a new audience to this art form, opera, which can seem difficult to access for many.
To my surprise, my project was interested in the city's newspapers, radio, and TV.
That's when I fell in love with public relations.
But it took me a few more years in marketing before I started my own business.
You see, no permit is needed. A good idea, a good project, and a good pitch…
I realized here that I had several good elements:

A first (the first time the opera offered a free event to the general public)
The media loves to talk about events that appeal to their readers/listeners
Free admission

Do you want to know what to do to learn how to talk about yourself and what the first steps are?
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If you need any more assistance, feel free to ask!

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